From simple, single colour corrugated jobs to complex, multi-colour process solutions, we’ve been manufacturing large-format flexographic plates for all manner of applications since 1986.

Particularly well suited to larger, continuous run projects using flexible substrates, every year we produce flexo plates for hundreds of well-known products; household names that grace the shelves of retailers, workplaces and homes throughout the nation. From the recyclable paper cups in which you’re served your daily coffee to the wrapping paper you use for special occasions, the chances are that you’ve bought something whose packaging we’ve helped produce…

Due to the nature of the packaging industry and the ever-increasing demand for improved quality and speed, over the years we’ve continued to invest in digital artwork systems and the very latest specialist equipment. Thanks to this, we’re able to turn around many orders in less than 24 hours. What’s more, our specialist designers are able to carry out any artwork or repro there and then, eliminating any potential delays and ensuring a successful outcome to our clients’ projects.

But with so many other techniques now available, why use flexographic printing? And what benefits could it provide to you and your brands?

  1. Flexible – No matter what the substrate or the types of ink required, there’s every chance that flexo should be your first choice.
  2. Automated – Some printing processes demand quite a bit of human involvement and thus incur high labour costs. With flexographic printing, however, once the plates have been inserted the machine carries out the rest of the process automatically.
  3. Extremely fast – Modern flexographic printers work incredibly quickly, often printing many hundreds of metres of packaging per minute. Where time is of the essence, therefore, flexo should always be a consideration.
  4. Cost effective – Whilst individual plates are required for each colour, once the plates have been manufactured (and in no small part due to the points covered above), the rest of the process proves extremely cost effective.
  5. Ideal for larger jobs – Flexographic printing is absolutely ideal for large jobs. Labels, wrapping paper, food wrappers, corrugated packaging… this is where flexo comes into its own.
Want to learn more?

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