Here at DSS Liverpool, we use a twin beam laser system to directly oblate polymeric sleeves, a single-stage process with no film or chemicals required. Once the oblation process has been completed, the engraving sleeves produced are simply washed with water to finish.

No compressible bridges are required as the system uses press matched air mandrels and bridges whilst the internal structure of the sleeve has a compressible base layer. Furthermore, the shore hardness of the surface can be tailored to requirements.

Our system has an engrave width of 2.3m with our team able to engrave sleeve repeats from 200mm up to 1000mm. The laser system oblates to a halftone dot resolution of 1% to 99% with maximum screen rulings of 80l/cm (203lpi) subject to the compound used. In press tests our sleeves show a reduced dot gain profile in comparison to conventional polymer plates along with improved solid ink density readings.

So, what are the benefits of direct laser engraving and why is it right for you?

  • Continuous print designs
  • Optimal register
  • Increased press speeds
  • No plate lift
  • Reduced downtime on press make ready
  • High resistance to solvents (ethyl acetate, ethanol, MEK)
  • Increased durability and press life of sleeves
  • Fully conductive
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sleeves can be re-ground for use again
  • Sleeves can have F&K GPS Smart chips embedded
Want to learn more?

To learn more about laser engraved sleeves and how DSS could add value to your brand, why not get in touch? A member of our team will be happy to help.